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Why Did I Make This Website?

Well, it all started at the museum.

You see, I have A LOT of side projects. When I say, “a lot”, I mean it. This includes multiple websites, podcasts, writing projects, conferences, and everything in between. I create games, write books, and do more things than probably a human should do. I’m not bragging. I’m not even suggesting it’s a good thing. It’s just the way things are.

So there I was at the library talking to my favourite naturalist (natural history museum employee…not the other kind) and something he said struck me. What if EVERYTHING I did was in one place?

Here We Go.

Really Little Wins

I wrote a book. It’s about a coaching method that I’ve developed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed. It’s about breaking things down into tasks you can actually complete and then using that as a launching pad for further successes. You should read it. And if you like it, you should tell people about it. And if you need help, you should ask me. 

The Actual Stuff

These are some places you can go to find some things that I do. But I like adventures. So, it’s a little bit of an adventure where each one will take you. Enjoy the trip. See you next fall.